Roof repairs

All roofs, including yours, are always exposed to natures elements. From time to time this causes damage to your roof tiles, such as breaking in two, cracking or even more. When such a thing happens, water can leak into the brick and timber framework of your building. This may cause damp, and if left unattended can cause expensive structural issues such as dry or wet rot. Damage from a storm can cause a damaged guttering or a leaking roof. This means its important to notice signs of disrepair and call in an expert when repairs are required.

Choosing a roofing company

There are three areas you should judge a roofing company on.

1.    Their attitude. Their attitude towards you as a customer is important. Most of us only have a reroof done once. This gives the roofing company an advantage as they know more about roofs then we could ever hope to. Take note of if they try and blind you with technical language and science or if they try and explain what is needed and why. Also, take note of how reliable they are. For example, do they respond when messages have been left and show up when they are supposed to?

2.    Professionalism. Check out their professional roofing skills. Are they able to provide references and examples of previous roofing they have done? If this is true, then speak to the references and find out what they have to say. 

3.    How they present their business and themselves. Do they have a brand, that is visible and clear on any emails, websites, quotations and vehicles? Do they have clear contact details? It’s essential to know who you are dealing with. You need to make sure you have as many contact details as possible as just a telephone number doesn’t give much confidence when you are giving someone thousands of pounds of work to do.

When to call a roofing contractor

You can DIY some roofing projects. However, most should be left for a professional to fix. This is especially true if you have a steep roof. You shouldn’t risk injury rather than letting a roofing contractor handle the job. You should also let a roofing contractor handle it if you have a fear of heights, regardless how big or small the project is. Although you may think you can overcome your fear, a roofing repair is no time to test this out.

In addition to this, not everyone has the skills needed to repair a roof. If your roof is damaged or leaking you may not be able to solve the problem with an easy DIY fix. This could even cause more harm than good. A professional contractor can diagnose the issue and fix it. This will result in more money in your wallet and less damage done.